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Frontiers | Aging in a Relativistic Biological Space-Time | Cell and Developmental Biology

The regulation of gene expression through signal perception and signal transduction is at the core of this selectivity and the Target Cell concept. This volume will serve as a valuable reference for all researchers working in the field of plant developmental biology. Other books in this series. Dictyostelium Richard H. Add to basket. Poland's Journalists Jane Leftwich Curry.

Understanding Ageing Robin Holliday.

Volvox David L. Cytokinesis in Animal Cells R. Fungal Morphogenesis David Moore. Imaginal Discs Jr. This Side Up Robert Wall. Neuronal Growth Cones Phillip R.

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  • Evidence for the hallmarks of human aging in replicatively aging yeast.

Morphogenesis Jonathan Bard. From Egg to Embryo J. Meiosis Bernard John. Table of contents Preface; 1.

Genetics Of Aging - iBiology & Youreka Science

Introduction; 2. Hormones and signals; 3. Cell-to-cell signalling - long distance and short distance; 4.

Evidence for the hallmarks of human aging in replicatively aging yeast

Population diversity of cell types and target identification in higher plants; 5. Flexibility of cell types and the target cell status; 6. Collapse All Expand All. Read more. Selected Publications. Sep Follow PennCDB.

Human Developmental Biology Initiative announced

Artificial cells can deliver molecules better than their natural counterparts July 17, A new study from an interdisciplinary team, including Matt Good, provides a new platform for how drugs could be delivered to their targets in the future. Roberto Bonasio Discussed the Difficulties of Studying Insulin Signaling in Ants July 26, The relevant genes, says Bonasio, are involved in numerous bodily functions, making it tough to isolate their role in differentiating queens from workers.

Two studies now show how migrasomes are formed and how they function in the physiologically relevant context of the developing zebrafish embryo. Parkin also has tumour-suppressor activity, although how Parkin prevents cancer is unclear. Unexpectedly, Parkin is found to suppress cancer by inhibiting an inflammatory type of cell death called necroptosis.

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Hypothesis and Theory ARTICLE

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    Focus on 20 years of cell biology In our Focus on 20 years of cell biology, we celebrate our 20th anniversary with specially commissioned Review and Perspective articles that discuss topics across the diverse areas covered by the journal. Search Nature Cell Biology. Latest Research Article 03 September The inner centromere is a biomolecular condensate scaffolded by the chromosomal passenger complex Trivedi et al. Technical Report 03 September Profiling chromatin states using single-cell itChIP-seq He and colleagues develop itChIP-seq based on simultaneous cellular indexing and chromatin tagmentation.

    Letter 02 September Kinetically distinct phases of tau on microtubules regulate kinesin motors and severing enzymes Tan et al.

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