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Despite being 4ft 11ins tall and weighing just six stone 38kg she managed to defend herself during the first attack. She hit Ward with a lemonade bottle and he fled taking her handbag.

Trapped!: The 2031 Journal of Otis Fitzmorgan

He beat her. He stamped on her. He kicked her.

He strangled her. He pulled out clumps of her hair. Mrs Godfrey's cause of death was head injuries and manual strangulation.

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Her injuries included a fractured skull and broken neck. Her face and body were in such a distressing state that her niece was not allowed to identify her. Listen to solicitor Paul Bacon looking back at the murder of Gladys Godfrey. Police were determined to catch the man responsible, but a year passed and he was still at large - and Gladys's family were giving up hope that her killer would ever be brought to justice. Detectives had a sample of the killer's DNA from the murder scene and this matched DNA samples from the previous attack.

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They therefore knew that the same man was responsible for both crimes. Police then began the arduous task of taking swabs from 1, men in Mansfield and beyond. Again, there were no matches. Phil Cumberpatch, a detective constable who worked on the case, was among the officers who went knocking on doors within a targeted area around Mrs Godfrey's home. Meanwhile, scientists in Birmingham were working on something that would prove pivotal in the case being cracked: familial DNA searching.

The theory was that some of these close matches might be related to the suspect, because they had such similar DNA.

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Police could then narrow down their search. This work was being pioneered by the Forensic Intelligence Bureau, which had been formed that same year - It was part of the Forensic Science Service, which used to provide support to police forces across England and Wales before the government controversially closed it in Familial searching was first put to use when a brick was thrown through the windscreen of a lorry on the M3 in March , causing the driver to have a fatal heart attack.

Craig Harman was traced through DNA he left on the brick he threw and was later jailed for six years for manslaughter.

But the Gladys Godfrey investigation would become the first time familial searching had ever been used to trace and convict a murderer. This meant Miss Bates and her colleagues needed to work closely with the police investigative team. They visited Nottinghamshire, where they had a tour of the local area and saw videos of the crime scene. A sizzling novel of love and revenge on the wild frontier. Crime Through Time 6: Trapped! Each book in the Crime Through Time series is hosted by a different child member of the famous Fitzmorgan detective family.


While the young sleuth unravels a fictional mystery, readers learn about the real historical setting and actual crime-solving methods from the different eras. In sidebar activities, readers take on the role of assistant, helping to crack the case. Breathtakingly suspenseful but never violent and always age-appropriate, the books read like private investigative journals, with photos, maps, news clippings and crime scene sketches.

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  • In book 6, set in , Otis Fitzmorgan finds himself in the middle of an evil art fraud mystery in space. On his way back to earth via the new space elevator Otis is forced to use his outlawed private detective skills to get to the bottom of the mystery that is threatening to kill all of those on board.

    Gold Dust by Emily Krokosz. But Jonah had thought Katy to be a boy, and when he finds out the truth, their relationship takes a new direction. Crime Through Time 1: Swindled! Breathtakingly suspenseful but never violent, this title kicks off a new forensic fiction series for middle grade readers.

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    Young Fitz Morgan unravels a mystery aboard one of the new Continental Express trains in Then I attended a conference in Stockholm and found myself alone in a lift with Fred Dannay, co-writer of the Ellery Queen stories. The doors closed. No escape.

    He looked at my name-tag. I know your name.

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    His eyes twinkled behind heavy specs.