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The modern historian faces the polar opposite problem of the historian of ancient cultures: too much information vs. Ron Priddis, senior editor and managing director of Signature Books, was kind enough to send a prompt response to my inquiry. What follows is that inquiry sent to the general e mailbox, Mr. Priddis's helpful reply, a brief response by me to obtain explicit permission to post his comments, and some additional thoughts from him.

I was recently made aware of your five-volume set comprising the complete discourses of Brigham Young. As a satisfied purchaser of numerous Signature titles including, for example, The William E. McLellin Papers: , I can only note my appreciation for this, your more recent endeavor. The dissemination of primary sources regarding early Mormonism I take to be an important, indeed, indispensable, scholarly undertaking.

In reading the description of the collection, I noted several components of interest: viz. Lee Journals, and Heber C. Kimball Journals. I don't believe you're leading with your chin, here, to be sure. Much of this appears, at first blush, to be relatively difficult-to-obtain source material. On a thread devoted to your collection on the Mormon Apologetics and Discussion Board, a Latter-day Saint I am not one , raised an important question: Quoth: " My first thought was that the collection does seem to promise access to some otherwise "unpublished," or perhaps, merely very-difficult-to-obtain materials.

But, I'm in no position to pontificate at this point. Can you provide some sort of indication as to how much of the material in the collection is hitherto unpublished? I'd like to post my question to you and any response you might give to that particular thread, and I request the information as much for myself as for other interested readers of that forum.

But I can't. But no way I could plunk down that much. That's too bad, because it's exactly the resource I've wanted for a good while. Exactly my thought. It does not appear that they are serious about furthering scholarship but more about lining their pockets. I will wait to see if the BYU Library acquires a set and then leaf through that. Or not.

All the Saints who are well acquainted with him know that he is governed and controlled by the power of God and the revelations of Jesus Christ. More evidence of this comes from the fact that while he was on a mission in England, he came to the knowledge of the fact that 1 God was once a man and that we can one day be like him and 2 the doctrine of plural marriage originated with God. He had received personal revelation from the Lord telling him these things.

Oh, yeah, you know what else? His mission to England was before Joseph Smith had even taught him these doctrines. Joseph Smith prophesied, on at least two separate occasions, that Brigham Young would lead the church. Joseph said to Levi,. Another time, during a meeting, Joseph called upon Brigham to say a prayer. Brigham did. Both of these statements, however, were not in the presence of Brigham Young.

Brother Brigham’s Potty Mouth

Although not a prophesy, he told Brigham that if he were to die, Brigham was the only man who could lead the Kingdom. With the recent passing of President Monson, it was time to re-organize the First Presidency with a new President of the Church. No special manifestations during events like this have happened that we know of since the death of Wilford Woodruff and subsequent calling of Lorenzo Snow.

Many people know about the transfiguration of Brigham Young. However, even that is being attacked. A great article on ldsanswers. There was another lesser-known manifestation that occurred during the winter of that adds more credence to the prophetic calling of Brigham Young.

Discourses of Brigham Young - Deseret Book

Orson Hyde relates:. The voice of God came from on high, and spake to the Council. Every latent feeling was aroused, and every heart melted. What did it say unto us?

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It has been said by some that Brigham was appointed by the people, and not by the voice of God. I do not know that this testimony has often, if ever, been given to the masses of the people before; but I am one that was present, and there are others here that were also present on that occasion, and did hear and feel the voice from heaven, and we were filled with the power of God. Brigham Young, on at least 3 different occasions, recalled that the Lord had given the Prophet Joseph Smith a revelation promising that he Brigham Young could not fall away.

He would not be allowed to apostatize from the gospel.

  • The “Complete” Discourses of Brigham Young is Out of Print.
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  • He could not stray from the truth. This item is of significant importance. If Brigham Young was really given this promise, then many of his more controversial teachings that he promoted and taught as gospel truth, but are now said to be theories and speculations, need to be reconsidered.

    It is also evident from the blogosphere, Sunday School, and certain essays that these 6 items are not fully comprehended by those inside and outside the church.

    See a Problem?

    I have just scratched the surface of the life, teachings, attributes, and character of Brigham Young. Those who sincerely and earnestly study this man will come to the same knowledge that I have, namely, that Brigham Young is a Prophet of God. Thank you for this article. I have never questioned Brigham Young being a Prophet, have read many of his teachings, and your article has added to my testimony of this great man.

    We are so blessed to have the opportunity to learn of all the leaders that we have had in this dispensation, and really why should we question any of them! I have lived under the guidance of prophets since and loved them all. I agree with everything that you said. However you did not address any issue whatsoever that comes up as opposition to Brigham Young.

    It would be nice to have a transparent discussion about those things as well. Certain essays imply heavily that he was a racist man and that is what affected his teachings. As such, members are influenced to believe this too. Of that I have no doubt. What impresses me most about BY was his willingness to boldly speak his mind on any and every subject.

    I also see a great prophetic warning from him that the church would be in big trouble one day for joining hands with the wicked and becoming popular in the eyes of the world and that the leaders of the church would one day lead the saints to the brink of hell. Brigham Young had about the same assets as any Latter-day Saint when fleeing Nauvoo; 33 years later he died one of the wealthiest men in the west.

    King Noah Book of Mormon appears as the only similarity; all others came from obscurity and were either killed or departed into obscurity. Because the assets one possesses determines whether one is a prophet or not. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Van Wagoner. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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    Brigham Young; The Javelin [JoD 3-243]

    This five-volume series makes available every known published and previously unpublished sermon discourse, speech, or public teaching of Brigham Young, second president of the LDS Church. Lee Journals, and Heber C. The series is limited to copies and is available only as a complete set, not as individual volumes. Get A Copy.