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You can refer to the following link for more details. If you are caring for a mentally handicapped person and find yourself in enormous stress, you should not hesitate to seek professional help. You can learn about your rights through the following link. Thank you for using " XXXX ".

Intellectual disability

Skip to main content. Support Services The Social Welfare Department provides various support services for mentally handicapped persons aged 15 or above, including vocational rehabilitation services, care homes and community support service. Services for mentally handicapped persons There are also self-help organisations where people with mental handicap and their families can share experiences and support each other. More on Mental Handicap Infirmary and Rehabilitation Services Special Education Services Children with intellectual disability will be placed in aided special schools upon the recommendation of specialists or medical practitioners after assessment and with the consent of the parents in order to receive intensive support service.

To be diagnosed with ID, your child must have below-average intellectual and adaptive skills.

Subcultural mental handicap.

Your child will be given standard intelligence tests, such as the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test. The doctor may also administer other tests such as the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales.

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Laboratory and imaging tests may also be performed. Other conditions, such as hearing loss, learning disorders, neurological disorders, and emotional problems can also cause delayed development.

Commission of Inquiry on mental handicap report

The plan will also detail the services that your child will need to help them with normal development. Your family needs will also be addressed in the plan.

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  6. When your child is ready to attend school, an Individualized Education Program IEP will be put in place to help them with their educational needs. All children with ID benefit from special education. The federal Individuals with Disabilities Act IDEA requires that public schools provide free and appropriate education to children with ID and other developmental disabilities. When ID occurs with other serious physical problems, your child may have a below-average life expectancy.

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    However, if your child has mild to moderate ID, they will probably have a fairly normal life expectancy. When your child grows up, they may be able to work a job that complements their level of ID, live independently, and support themselves.

    A language delay is a communication disorder. Your child may have a language delay if they don't meet certain milestones for their age. If you have a child with developmental expressive language disorder DELD , they might have difficulty remembering vocabulary words or using complex…. Macrocephaly refers to an overly large head in infants.

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    It would be of benefit to anyone working in the area of learning disability The ideas and explanations in this book clearly come from people who know their subject. I was greatly impressed by the sense of pride in their work that comes across in each chapter A major strength of this book is its emphasis on equality as the basis of our relationships. It often poses awkward questions about our feelings and behaviour. It also shows how emotionally mature many people with learning disabilities are despite their intellectual limitations Hopefully, this book will provide the incentive for more empirical work' - Journal of Advanced Nursing.

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