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Also, for the benefit of readers following this discussion and biting their nails in anticipation to know your final decision, come back and let us know if you took the bulge bracket offer or not. Will definitely let you and the readers know about my decision. Irrespective of my decision and the resulting career trajectory, I will surely be needing your guidance in future for my MBA applications. Also, based on the blogs, your team definitely have the consulting skills to enable an MBA candidate to get into the best possible MBA program.

Hi Sameer. I want to update you with my final decision. I have taken the bulge bracket offer and will be joining in as a 2nd yr Analyst on track to be promoted next year as a Senior Analyst. I also hope to achieve an onsite opportunity next year. While I was holding the offer, I applied to many boutique IB firms with good track record of deals. I also have to make sure that I get into a decent B-school abroad as in the worst case scenario, if I have to return to India, the b-school should have a good reputation in the Indian market.

I am expressing my concern due to my history of gap years post engineering have a legit reason and my below avg.

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GPA which would drag my b-school application. I guess these things are to be thought in the future. My current focus will be to perform well in my new job, take meaningful responsibilities and not missing out on opportunities. Thanks for the update, Rohit. Make the most of the opportunity.

Good luck! Nice article!

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Every nation has its unique work culture and thought process. Just mere coping western education programs will not be useful. I want to take Online MBA which can give the advantage to my career. And I can earn MBA degree while working. I have an experience of 11 years, but looks like I am stuck now. Mechanical CAE Engineer. In Japan from 5 years Poor Japanese. Your email address will not be published. Categories MBA General.

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June 18, at am. Sameer Kamat says:. School Education in the compulsory stage shall be carried out to achieve these goals. Each school sets mid-term and long-term management vision and strategy, and based on those, it makes management plans. In the plans, annual educational plan, personnel plan, and financial plan are written down besides the vision and the strategy of school management.

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It is crucial to revise and evaluate the current situation for school management plans. Elements of school management plans are; individual plans such as educational plan, personnel plan, financial plan, facility plan, organization plan, and external plan, besides the vision and the strategy of school making, and a comprehensive plan.

In the comprehensive plan and individual plans, school needs to be clear on the goals to be achieved, for example by setting numerical values, and to carry out management evaluation to ensure accountability. Each school needs to develop education and management based on public education goals described in laws and the course of study by the state. Educational goals set by the state are defined in the School Education Act for each type of school. Based on that, the course of study shows concrete goals to be achieved in educational activities.

Educational goals and objectives of elementary schools are prescribed in Article 29 and 30 of the School Education Law.

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  4. Also, the standard on concrete content of education in elementary schools is provided in the Course of Study, and it is to be revised every 10 years. Educational goals and objectives of lower secondary schools are prescribed in Article 45 and 46 of the School Education Law.

    Also, the standard on concrete content of education in lower secondary schools is provided in the Course of Study, and it is to be revised every 10 years. Each school organizes its curriculum. Curriculum management is the activity on development, organization, implementation, evaluation and improvement of the curriculum. Curriculum management is becoming more important than ever, because of the need to structure autonomous school management. Teachers' meeting is the organization that enables teachers to participate in school decision making and it is set at each school.

    Its institutional roles are: 1 to support duties of principal, 2 to form common understanding on management policy of school, 3 to create opportunities of information exchange and mutual understandings of teachers. In reality, it is considered to be an organization that makes teachers participate in school decision making. A principal is stationed at each school as the person in charge of school. Duties of the principal are matters on enforcement and management of education, teachers, students, school organizational management, school facilities and equipment, and external relationships.

    With the expansion of school authority, the principal is required to have the ability of setting the vision and strategy of school making, ability of management and leadership. Today, each school seeks emphasize and focus on curricular activities. Schools now have greater local discretion, and local communities are more involved in school management than before.

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    Elevating and upgrading the qualifications required of school principals as school leaders is also a current issue. School leaders who have the capacity to manage school are needed in order to achieve educational goals of individual schools as well as to develop educational activities efficiently by considering alternative options for changes in and out of schools.

    It is necessary to fulfil both requirements above. These regulations were revised in , eliminating the necessity of a teaching certificate from the qualification. By completing the doctoral program, students can become either an academic researcher who is deeply familiar with the essence of Japanese management and its relationship with global business or a business professional with robust analytical skills.

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