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The liability provisions contained in the final House-passed version of the Homeland Security legislation are critically important and will do much to make needed anti-terrorism technologies available to our nation. We believe that these provisions are balanced and measured responses to the extremely negative impact our nation's liability system has on technological innovation.

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Without these provisions, however, the defense, technology and pharmaceutical industries will likely be unable to provide the best technological solutions to help combat terrorism and prevent new attacks including biological, chemical and nuclear threats. We have come too far to turn back now.

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  • We strongly urge you to defeat the pending Daschle-Lieberman amendments to the Homeland Security legislation. Because of the importance of this issue, the Chamber will strongly consider including votes on or in relation to these amendments in our annual "How They Voted" rankings. From shipping to staffing, the Chamber and its partners have the tools to save your business money and the solutions to help you run it more efficiently. Join the U.

    Key Vote Alert on Amendments to the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (HR 5005)

    Chamber of Commerce today to start saving. Sunday, November 17, - pm. Written By: Richard J. See Article History.

    National Homeland Security and Combating Terrorism Act of 2002 - Computer Definition

    Richard J. George W.

    ‪Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill (HR8791)‬‏

    Narrowly winning the electoral college vote in…. In the wake of the September 11 attacks in , Pres.

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