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Colombia: The World's Most Dangerous Journey, Part I

Alison Mitchell. Charlotte Thoroe , Gill Guile Illus. Dan Dewitt , Catalina Echeverri Illus.

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You Are Mine. Lauren Chandler , Catalina Echeverri Illus.

Max Lucado , Sergio Martinez Illus. They would cut my hands and feet. However the group is suffering from a combination of fatigue, hunger and lack of comfort. To pass through on land, the only option is to trek through uncharted swampland and jungle. As conventional migration pathways to the United States have become more difficult to access, many asylum seekers fleeing persecution or war have chosen to travel to northern South America and attempt to reach the United States by land, moving through Central America and Mexico.

Many migrants use Panama as a passage to the United States, as asylum seekers caught by local border control are detained for background checks, but released to continue moving north if they do not show up on any terror watch lists. However Panama has responded to the recent spike in migration attempts.